Andròmines collaborates with the Alfadigital program promoting the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in prisons, organising digital literacy courses and cultural revitalisation activities.


At Andròmines, we work to ensure inmates in prisons learn basic Information Technology skills and take an active part in cultural activities that will improve their employability once they’re back into the community.

The Alfadigital program has two main lines of action:

  • The technical side: Creating networks and computer classrooms and installing equipment and firewalls in prisons.
  • The teaching side: Running digital literacy courses for inmates, providing training for teachers and educators in penitentiary centres and organising cultural activities, such as the Sant Jordi DigiTale Show.

We make sure our courses are up-to-date by using innovative techniques like gamification and virtual reality.

The Alfadigital program takes place in the following prisons: Lledoners, Puig de les Basses, Brians 1, Brians 2 and Mas d’Enric.


  • 1.012

    inmates participated
  • 3,91/5

    user satisfaction
  • 3.393 hours

    of cultural revitalisation


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