We accompany groups at risk of social exclusion assisting with their social and work inclusion and we provide tailored training courses for companies.

Orientation and job placement

Our career orientation service and job placement program offer a personalised itinerary for each individual where we identify how we can best assist in their professional development, guiding them through the process of finding a job and following up to ensure their work experience is satisfactory.

Our orientation process goes as follows:

  • Welcome session and first one-on-one assessment interview.
  • Outline of each individual’s professional profile taking into account their skillset.
  • Discussion and agreement of a personalised job placement itinerary.
  • Mentoring participants via individual sessions and/or training programs that better suit them: vocational training, workshops, new technology courses, etc.
  • Job placement.
  • Follow-up work for at least six months to ensure a satisfactory work experience.

At Andròmines, we believe all people have the power and the capacity to overcome their social and occupational hardships given the right resources and opportunities. No one should be left behind. That’s the reason why we offer a personalised service that takes into account each participant’s personal circumstances, their social environment, their academic and professional training and the work they’ve done so far. We also analyse the companies’ specific needs to ensure we find the best candidate for each job.

Training courses

At Andròmines, we design and run tailor-made training courses for companies, entities, public bodies, schools and community centres.

We offer three types of tailored courses:

  • Professional courses: we train unemployed people or active workers in technical skills needed for a specific job. Some examples of our professional courses are: Cleaning of Large Surfaces and Offices Officer, Warehouse and Logistics Assistant or Waste and Reuse Manager.
  • Social and labour market inclusion courses for at-risk groups: we work on technical skills for a specific job; transversal skills such as communication, punctuality or the ability to work in a team, and also teach our students how to look for a job. The ‘Learn How to Become an Entrepreneur’ project, for instance, is a welding workshop for out-of-school youth and aims to return students into the education system or into the job market.
  • Reuse and recycling workshops: these courses aim to increase the students’ environmental sensitivity. Students who take our ‘Electrical and Electronic Waste Reuse (WEEE)’ course, ‘Creative Reuse of clothes’ course and ‘Food Waste Prevention’ course learn hands-on and dynamic techniques that are useful and environmentally respectful.

All of our courses are tailored to the specific needs of the entity that commissions them and the students who will participate.


  • 99 %

  • 450

    companies in our job bank
  • 411

    304 job offers managed


  • 56 %

    of participants found a job
  • 30

    certified students
  • 450

    hours of training


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