We are experts in Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) reuse and recycle specialising in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

At Andròmines, we collect or receive computers, delete sensitive data out of them, repair them if needed, and lastly install and deliver them to families and social institutions in need. We train and employ people at risk of exclusion to provide these services that we are able to offer at a very low cost starting at just 25€. All profits are used to cover expenses and provide jobs to vulnerable groups.

We also collect, repair and prepare other WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) for reuse large appliances, TVs, phones, etc. and organise workshops and training programs open to the public to raise awareness about the importance of extending the life use of home appliances.

This service creates jobs for people at risk of exclusion and allows them to specialise and advance their career. It’s also a great way to encourage rational consumption in consumers and promote a circular economy.

We accept WEEE donations. If you are considering making a donation, here you can see the items we have more demand of:

  • Laptops and PCs with CORE2DUO or more
  • Tablets and mobile phones
  • Phone and computer chargers


  • 136 tonnes

    OF WEEE managed
  • 19,8 tonnes

    of computers and telecommunications appliances ready to reuse
  • 27,25 tonnes

    of WEEE has been reused


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